Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Library and the Milkshake

My Basket Full of Music

I have been enjoying the life as an unemployed blogger. That means spending time at the library and finding time to stop at interesting locations to take pictures. Today I stopped by the Fairfax Library again and checked out their large selection of albums. There were plenty of jazz, classical and country. The "World" section was full. I don't care for that terminology as it is kind of a word for "everything else." I was surprised to see so much empty shelf space there was and an actually study area.
Tucked Away
The outside is much like the picture provided on its website.
The Menu at M & G
A few blocks away from the library there is a small burger and malt shop called M & G Burger Shop. It is a tiny little shop with a inside and outside seating, a screen window to order, eclectic stuff on the walls, and customers. I ordered the mocha shake and when they called out that the Oreo shake was ready, I thought to myself that I should have ordered that. It was actually mine. So they didn't get my order right but to my advantage. It was good and ironically put in a non-descript Pepsi cup.
I drove around Ross and San Anselmo and stopped by the Safeway. The Safeway was too identical to most Safeways I have been to so I avoided taking another picture. I'll take one representative. That one was sort of dimly lit with a very crowded parking lot. There are some great place in San Anselmo including restaurants that will have to wait another day.

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