Monday, April 2, 2012

Clear The Clutter: What To Buy and What To Throw Away

What To Throw Away: Overpriced and Underdeveloped Sandwiches

I visited a local Safeway to buy two sandwiches. They have Signature sandwiches with themes that have olive spreads or onion rings and they were good then. 
Apparently this Safeway involves a half-day sandwich training program that allows you to test out of it. There was one girl who spent a good 20 minutes working on my wiches. She seemed a little loss and slow. The ingredients also were skimpy and driven in from the central plant. After fifteen minutes I didn't want them anymore but I guess I was emotionally invested in seeing the sandwiches finish like sitting through most of a bad movie. I surrendered the sandwiches back to Safeway and bought all the ingredients I needed to make my own. 

What To Buy: Sandwich Raw Materials

I used toasted Ciabatta with French Swiss and Salami and Roast Beef with a little red onion and mustard. the sandwiches were huge and tasted great. I made four hardy sandwiches that came out to the same price per sandwich.

What To Throw Out: Old (left) and Replace With New Jeans (right)

People apparently like worn-in jeans. Jeans they have had for years that are comfortable and smooth that are faded or have patches or a history. Not me. I like crisp, stiff, new smelling, dark blue jeans.
As part my own clear the clutter I am undertaking, I told myself that I would donate all my jeans in my closet and replace them with two or three nice new pairs. That is about five to six pairs of faded, loose, worn cuffed jeans replaced by two. If you like worn jeans you should check Goodwill in about a week. 

I think this was worth it because you wear these every day and something to improve your day as significantly as this is worth it.

I bought two new pairs at a local department store that had a very nice man working folding clothes. He tried to push another shirt on me (Green table cloth). When I ready to pay I was stuck behind a Russian couple trying to return items without a receipt. That's about as likely as getting municipal services in Russia without bribing the government official.

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